Raining Trees!, a Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Clinic since 2010. The trees in deep forest continue to rain even after the actual rain. This divine ability of trees make them hold moist and water and enrich their surroundings. In Raining Trees!, we believe human beings have inherent potential and abilities to live a meaningful life. Our experienced team of professionals will help you to unearth your potentials and develop a better understanding of you. We assure our help to find a beautiful world around you than yesterdays and enjoy the harmony of everyday life. Contact us for a quick appointment.

Who We Are

Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Behavioral Psychologist, Psychotherapists, Remedial Educators, Mentors and Trainers. We are professionally trained and have years of experience in helping individuals with complex emotional and psychological needs. We are non-judgmental in our approach. We believe in the individuality and unique needs of all the clients that seek our assistance.

Why people recommend Raining Trees!

We are a confidential and client focused service. We are approachable and fully understand the complex social structures associated with your problems. We respect your individuality and uniqueness and we provide individual sessions to quickly address your difficulties. We equip you with personal and social insights that boost your mental and physical wellbeing.