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Individual counselling

Post-Breakup Issues

Post-Breakup Issues encompass a range of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral challenges that individuals may encounter following the end of a romantic relationship. These challenges often include feelings of grief and loss for the relationship and future plans, questioning of one's identity and self-worth, and experiencing loneliness and isolation as individuals adjust to life without a partner. Additionally, individuals may struggle with rumination, intrusive thoughts, and feelings of anger or resentment towards themselves or their ex-partner. Social withdrawal and fear of rejection in future relationships are also common post-breakup issues.

Individual counselling

Post-Divorce blues

Post-Divorce blues encompass the emotional, practical, and social challenges individuals face following the dissolution of a marriage. This period often involves navigating profound feelings of grief and loss for the end of the relationship, as well as questioning one’s identity and self-concept. Loneliness and isolation may accompany the adjustment to life without a partner, while concerns about self-esteem and confidence can arise. Practical issues like financial instability and co-parenting responsibilities add further stress. Additionally, individuals may grapple with loosening relationships with in-laws and related connections, contributing to feelings of disconnection and loss of support networks. Some people experience discomfort from the social stigma surrounding divorce, exacerbating feelings of shame or inadequacy. Relocating to a new environment, whether by choice or necessity, can also introduce additional challenges and uncertainties as individuals navigate unfamiliar surroundings and rebuild their lives.